There are a number of variables that factor into the price of any vehicle wrap or graphics package. Let's take a look.

  • Size of the vehicle, Obviously installing a wrap on a Cadillac Escalade is going to be much more expensive than  wrapping a VW Bug. The main factor in the cost of a wrap is the amount of square footage covered by the wrap. The national average for 2016 is somewhere around $10-$15 per square foot.
  • Materials used. A quality, professional shop will only use high performance materials by industry leaders (3M©,  Avery-Dennison©, Arion©, Oracal©, etc...) that carry a warranty, and are made to last 5-7 years under normal conditions. There are different finish and texture options such as carbon fiber, brushed metal, and reflective films that add additional cost to the job.
  • Graphic design. One thing that is often forgotten in the price of a wrap, is the time it takes to create the design and prep the print files to make sure it fits properly.
  • Vehicle wraps can be affordable for any budget, by getting creative with the layout and design of a vehicle  wrap. It is possible to achieve great exposure for your business without breaking the bank. Rather than wrapping an entire top to bottom, it is often a smart decision to try to use a 1/4 or 1/2 wrap to keep costs  down.

When done correctly , a vehicle wrap is a great move for your business, but cheap materials and poor install techniques can cost you more time and money.  Call or Email Capital Valley Vinyl for an appointment or to get a quote  on your next vehicle wrap today 613-623-7522, So you have decided to invest in a vehicle wrap for your car or truck, now how do you care for that investment and keep that wrap looking great for years to come? Although washing a vehicle with a vinyl wrap is a  bit different than washing a vehicle with a standard paint job, it is  not too complicated and can be done without breaking your bank


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